Friday, 28 November 2008

Training session

It was a beautiful morning here today, quite frosty but lovely and bright, I love days like this.

Jana had me all to herself on our walk today, I decided it was time we did some obedience practice. The fact that we have the Bronze Good Citizen Dog Scheme test in just over a week and have done virtually no training has spurred me into action! It's not totally accurate to say we have done NO training but it is probably time for a more formal approach. Sit stays were picked up very early on, downs we are getting to grips with. Heelwork may take a bit longer because, at this stage, Jana thinks it involves bouncing.

The reward for her efforts was the toy on a rope and today she was really in the mood to chase it (not always the case, she can be fickle), great motivation. For some reason she prefers to hold the toy by the rope instead of the rubber kong and this means it bangs off her head as she runs! It doesn't seem to bother sense, no feeling!


karensbrae said...

That is really putting Ceilidh and myself to shame!!! Training whats that?

Thomgib said...

See my blog for a cautionary tale of dog walking and tea room abuse!