Wednesday, 24 September 2008

The others

The other non-human family members appear below.

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Long-suffering cat too

This is not how a cat would wish to be greeted

If looks could kill

Kismet - "We are not amused"

Hilda, Doris and Maud

The girls in action

Thursday, 18 September 2008

Louis (Pyatshaw Murphys Law)

Pyatshaw Murphy's Law (Meerwings Murphy's Dream x Noljo Zodiac) was my first papillon and also my first proper show dog. He was bred by Anne Macgregor of Pyatshaw fame so, if my husband wants someone to blame for a house overrun by papillons, it's all her fault!

For most people the first dog they show rarely makes the grade and they buy another which will hopefully be better. Not so with Louis. He qualified for Crufts at his first champ show (although I was too scared to take him!) and hasn't looked back since. He gained his stud book number when he won a limit class at SKC. He has been placed at Crufts most years but usually in the Good Citizens class, which is often smaller than other classes. However, he did do extremely well in 2003 as he was placed 5th in a very large class (about 21 I think), not bad for a first show dog! I showed Gypsy there that year, on behalf of Bill Davidson, and she also got a 5th in a large class.

Not only does Louis have looks, he's not short on brains either. He has had a bit of a bash at obedience and has also passed Bronze, Silver and Gold tests in the Good Citizen Dog Scheme. I was particularly pleased that he got through his Gold as, being such a mummy's boy, an out of sight stay is a big deal for him.

He is now making his mark in the veteran classes. In January this year ('08) at Bon Accord, he won the Toy veteran class and went on to Best Veteran in Show!


Best Veteran in Show at Lochaber, October 2008

Best Veteran In Show at Bon Accord, January 2009....two years in a row!!

Best Toy Veteran at Highland CA, July 2009

Best Toy Veteran at Turriff, July 2009

Best Toy Veteran at Tayside & Lochee, August 2009. He was a whisker away from another BVIS, the judge said if there had been a RBVIS then Louis would have got it.

Gypsy and Louis at Crufts 2003

Above and below - in his prime

Growing old (dis)gracefully

Best Veteran in Show, Bon Accord, January 2008

Best Veteran in Show, Turriff 2008

Best Veteran in Show, Lochaber, October '08

Best Veteran In Show at Bon Accord, January 2009

Best Toy Veteran, Highland, July 2009

Welcome to the Gennasus blog

I live in the north of Scotland and currently share my life with seven papillons, a cat, a budgie, five hens, a Hungarian vizsla and a husband who deserves a medal.

Our family consists of two grown up sons. Adam, who has just finished 5 years of university in Edinburgh, and Ian, who is married to Lynne and they have a son of their own, Euan. All will be making appearances here from time to time.

Much as I would like to be a lady of leisure, I do have to work, but, as it is part-time and in a vets, it's just perfect for me. I have done my share of less than enjoyable jobs so it's wonderful to actually enjoy going to work!

I show the papillons and vizsla but haven't been to quite so many shows of late due to the sheer expense involved. Everywhere is a long way from here and so many miles have to be covered. However, I still manage to get to some and will post results and photos as they happen. Occasionally I have a litter of puppies so look out for them.

This blog was set up mainly with the dogs in mind but it has evolved into a bit of a mixed bag. I really enjoy taking photographs (I am now experimenting with my Canon EOS 450D DSLR) and pictures of pretty much anything will be appearing.

I hope you find something of interest here, comments are welcomed, and come back soon!

Group photos

Put-upon husband - wondering where his medal is

The Gennasus gang November 2007

Rosa, Gypsy, Louis, Pansy and Desmond - Crufts qualifiers 2009

Desmond, Pansy, Rosa and Louis with winnings from two shows, July '09


Bitcon Star Appeal (Sh Ch/Aust Ch Hungargunn Bear Itn Mind x Stanegate Sweet Pea) arrived December 2007 and couldn't be more different to the little hairies.

To begin with, she was slightly smaller than them and both Des and Rosa thought she was fun to play with, but now she has grown considerably and they are less keen to play with her, which she can't really understand. As far as she is concerned she is just another papillon. She hasn't been docked and her tail lashes about at pap face level - hence her unpopularity.
They tolerate her but she'll never be a cushion (see Odin's post).

Papillon size when she arrived

Bit of a squash

On point (probably a fly)

Jana and 'friends'


Gennasus Rambling Rose (Rosa) is Gypsy's daughter and was sired by Ch. Martika What's The Story.

So far, she has done very well in the ring and, if she gets her coat back after this junior phase, hopefully it will continue!

Rosa's first champ show was Manchester 2008 and she qualified easily with a 2nd in a very large minor puppy class. Her brother, Gennasus Speak To Me, also qualified. At SKC she won her puppy class and best puppy bitch, she was beaten for best puppy in breed but it was by her brother so I was very pleased - a good day for Gennasus.

At Border Union she went a step further by being awarded the RCC (at only 11 months!) and also best puppy in breed. We floated home.

Open shows have been equally successful and she has two Best of Breeds, a Group 2 and Group 4 to her name. She was also Reserve Best Puppy in Show at Highland Limit in February 2008.

She has inherited her mother's sweet nature, loves to fetch a ball and is Desmond's best friend.

10 weeks old

Reserve Best Pup in Show - Highland, February '08

First Best of Breed, 10 months old. Banff, Moray & Nairn, May '08

RCC and Best Puppy in Breed, Border Union, June '08

Best of Breed, G4, Highland, July '08


Gennasus Make Believe (Gennasus Wood Sorrel x Penang Fable)

Pansy is a granddaughter of Teasel and Louis. Her show career got off to a flying start, she qualified at her first champ show and won a number of classes whilst still a junior. Taking Best Minor Puppy in Show at Lochaber was a definite highlight. Rarely has she gone unplaced at champ shows and gained her stud book number when she was placed 3rd in a large open bitch class at SKC last year.

She does well at open shows too and has many 1sts, Best Bitch, BOB and group placings to her credit. Unlike Desmond, she loves being in the ring and is very easy to handle as far as standing still is concerned but not so easy when it comes to moving! Pansy doesn't do nice and steady.......she'd much rather race round.

Pansy hasn't been mated as yet but I'm thinking about it for the not too distant future. IF she allows a dog to do the deed, we'll then have to hope she turns out to have better maternal skills than her mother, Sorrel, and grandmother, Teasel, neither of whom did bottoms!

Best Minor Pup in Show, Lochaber Open, October 2005

Junior stage

2 years old

Best of Breed and G1, Highland Open, July 2007

Best Opposite Sex, Highland, July 2009


Penang Affinity at Gennasus (Brezac Just A Jezabel x CH Penang Bold Horatio) .

Although Hebe had some success in the show ring as a youngster, she thought it was all a bit of a bore (must have passed that on to Des!). This is a bit surprising because, unlike Des, she loves food and you would expect that to be incentive enough. However, she has proved herself as an excellent mother. She did such a great job and I never had to worry about her pups, they were always spotlessly clean and quite contented.


Gypsy Rosalee (Fraserdene Forsythia x Wendyocres Charlie Boy).

Gypsy was previously owned by Bill Davidson, who died very suddenly, she was four when she came here. She hadn't been shown a great deal by Bill but did have a few good wins. Once with me, she gained her stud book number when placed 3rd in open bitch at Leeds champ show and went on to take more 1sts and 2nds in open classes.She has had many 1sts, Best Bitch, BOB and group placings at open shows too. Bill would be proud to see how she has done.

She has been out of the ring for a while due to maternal duties but, when her coat eventually comes back, she should be out there competing in the veteran classes.

Gypsy was first mated to Penang Fable and produced Danginifee Fairy Story (now owned by Jimmy Simpson), she is a pretty tricolour who has two CCs under her belt, hopefully the magical third won't be far off. Bill chose CH Ringlands Hologram for the second mating and four pups were produced in that litter, unfortunately Bill didn't get to see them. One bitch from that mating, Danginifee Gypsy Gold at Malwenbon, has had lots of wins, including a Best Puppy at a breed club show. Rosa is from Gypsy's third mating and, so far, hasn't let the side down.

You couldn't ask for a sweeter natured dog than Gypsy and, like Hebe, she has been a great mother.

1st Open Bitch, Scottish Papillon Club champ show


Bieldside Teasel (Bieldside De De x Aberdeen Zipper)

Teasel was never going to be a big name in the breed show ring but she has turned out to be a little obedience star. She is toy mad and absolutely loves working.

We don't really have the time to be travelling to obedience shows but she has competed at one open show and I was thrilled when she was placed 5th in Beginners. It's not easy to get anything in these classes and especially with a mini dog! She has also competed at smaller competitions and has always done well, everyone loves her enthusiasm.

She did have a bash at motherhood but it really wasn't her thing, she is much more a career woman.

Teasel, Brint, Keira, Oban and Arran at ACTS open obedience show


Gennasus On The Right Road (Des to his friends) is Hebe's pup by Louis. He is a very pretty boy and the photo of him as a puppy, below, graced the front cover of the Northern and Eastern Papillon Club's calendar.

It's very difficult to get a decent shot of him standing, he does it beautifully out on walks but thinks showing is a bit of a bore and doesn't always give of his best in the ring. Discovering ladies has helped a bit so I may yet be able to show you Desmond at his best.

Despite his intermittent showmanship, he managed to qualify for this year's (2008) Crufts (we were held up in traffic and missed his class!) and he has also qualified for next year(we missed the entry date!). The photo below at 17 months was taken when he had been awarded Best Opposite Sex (to Rosa's BOB) at Highland, having beaten his father in the process.


Desmond takes his first Best of Breed and G2 at Lochaber, October 2008.

After a spell out of the ring, due to his broken leg, he makes a successful return at North of Scotland Toydog in May 2009 and wins his two classes. He'd lost interest by the time it came to Best Dog though!

At Bon Accord in July '09 he takes his second BOB and a first group win.

Highland was his next show, just a few weeks later in July, and he takes another BOB (Pansy was BOS) and G2 this time.

Cover star! Such a cute pup

17 months. Best Opposite Sex, Highland

Best of Breed & Group 1, Bon Accord, July 2009

Bon Accord rosettes

Best of Breed, G2, Highland, July 2009

Highland rosettes and trophy

2 years old and a calendar boy again.
This photo made it through the voting and will be appearing in the Northern & Eastern Pap Club's calendar for 2010.

Remembering Odin

Odin is no longer with us but he was such a favourite with the papillons that he can't be left out. He was a rough collie/GSD cross and had a wonderful temperament. As you can see, the paps used him as a large cushion.