Wednesday, 26 November 2008

The Bin of Cullen

Another group walk, this time with nine dogs! Three dogs each for Jenny, Morag and myself and what an interesting pack they made.

It was a lovely day for a walk up The Bin of Cullen, the highest point around and well worth the climb for the wonderful view at the top. Most of the time we were in the shelter of the forest but the treeline ends just before the summit and we were then out into a fair old wind. Jasper posed on top of the stone cairn, the wind blowing through his ears.

We met only two other people, a couple of lady hikers who looked somewhat alarmed at our motley crew (who were impeccably well behaved) and altered their path slightly so as not to be engulfed by a sea of dogs. I suppose it could look slightly intimidating.

There was only one way to end the a tearoom...... of course.

More cake anyone?


Dughallmor Beagles said...

Bet Jasper appreciated his coat today! Gorgeous photos of the views.....and the very well behaved pack, would have been a different story if my hoolies had been there!

Trinity said...

Hi, thanks for stoping by my blog, I wish I could breed Chi-chi then I would have more:) I might buy a show pap at some point, I have two big dogs so it's a full house :)

Someday I will have a kennal full of good paps :)
Paps are so hard to get into I think I gave up I'm too poor to play that rich mans game.

I looked and looked for a year for a stud dog as she has good lines but hardly any of the breeders will talk to you unless you show a ton and have a name, with her having such good lines from a well known kennal ( I worked for the co-owner of her Dam for seven years) I found it hard to get any where, sense I got her from a co-owner and not the big name kennal directly, I was met with people not wanting to cross to a top name kennal (acting like I got her in a shady deal which I did not) or people who was head to head with the top name kennal she came from and don't cross with them as they both show at westminister which is a big show in the U.S. which is like Cuffs in England.

Pap people are very odd, I got a top named kennal to agree to breed her but only for first pick as they wanted it to show, but they took their dogs across the country every time Chi-chi was in heat, as they have the number two stud, (I think he is three now)pap in the U.S

I can't bare to breed her to something below her.

The Gray Family said...

Congratulations on the group picture. You had a perfect winters day for walking by the looks of things. Lx

Mogs said...

Photos look great! Though logie looks like a huge teddy in that 1st pic. Fab walk though, dog tired afterwards!Must be the fresh air filling our lungs at the top!