Saturday, 8 November 2008

There are concrete wartime defence pill boxes and tank blocks all along this beach, the dogs seemed to enjoy going in, out and on them.

Jana entered one pill box via the window instead of the much easier doorway and Alfie did quite a spectacular exit from another.


Anonymous said...

thats a cracking hat you have on mum can i get one from this shop window!!!!

Dughallmor Beagles said...'s a balaclava actually....for when my face is frozen on the beach, the silly Beags are scared of it though! If that's you Mrs Great Dane then you've already seen it!

Joanne said...

Great photos! looks like you guys
have a fab time! No, it's not me admiring your headwear Nicky, obviously you have another admirer
but might borrow your hat for when
I'm deer hunting up in the moors!
xxxxx Luv Mrs. Great Dane xxxxxx
P.S Sorry Sue, forgot to login so
the pic appears but it is late as we've just got in from training having been put through our paces with Jenny tonight! xx