Saturday, 1 November 2008

Early snow

Lightly dusted Louis

Winter seemed to be trying to shove Autumn out of the way this week, we even had some snow and it's not often we get the white stuff, being so close to the sea. It's milder today so perhaps it was just a slight blip.

We headed to the Sluie walk on Tuesday, with the intention of getting some photos of the trees in their gorgeous Autumn glory, but the early sun had vanished by the time we set off and then things got distinctly greyer. The snow started just as we got back to the car and became quite heavy. Louis obligingly posed for the slightly frosted photo above.

Wednesday saw the sun return and I got the photos I wanted, this time just up the road at Randolph's Leap. The trees are just above a gorge where the river Findhorn runs, dogs are best kept on leads here! We headed from there to Findhorn beach, in order to give the dogs a proper run, but our timing was not good because the tide was right in. You'll just have to take my word for it but there really is a great beach there! We went through the dunes instead where there is also plenty of space for dogs to hurtle.

It was still pretty cold and wintry on Thursday but it wasn't snow we had to contend with but hailstones. I wish I'd got some shots of the sky when the heavy showers came over, it turned spectacularly black. Our timing was again not so good and most of our walk through the woods was in rain and hail. No dogs were keen to pose for photos. Teasel was particularly pleased to get back to the car, but then, when your head is as small as hers, hailstones the size of marbles are a big deal.

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Jen said...

what a fantastic shot! so cute.