Saturday, 29 November 2008

Freezing fog and Slorach's Wood

The foggy field

Frosty bracken

Hopeman was hidden under a blanket of fog this morning and there was also a hard frost. The temperature didn't rise above freezing all day and is supposed to reach a low of -5 degrees tonight.
The first four dogs had their walk in the thick of the fog, as seen above, but I took the others a few miles inland where it was still very frosty but bright and sunny! Looking at the photos it could be two different days.
We met Jenny and Morag again and went to Slorach's Wood beside Fochabers. There were ten dogs this time as Pansy got to come along, she'd promised to be on her best behaviour and, I'm pleased to say, she was.
We passed Jean Carr's Stone on our way round the woods, there is an interesting story attached to it which you can read in one of the photos below.
The walk ended and we headed to Christie's garden centre for a warming cup of coffee. Cake was involved (you probably guessed) but don't worry, it was the healthy kind......carrot........we know how important those vegetables are.

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Pyatshaw said...

Are you stalking that guy?
He's in lots of your photos!