Sunday, 16 November 2008

North of Scotland Toydog Society

We went down to Arbroath yesterday for the North of Scotland Toydog Society's group open show. It turned out to be a nice day but we spent most of it in a rather dimly-lit hall!

The Papillon entry was very good (49 dogs with 8 classes) and I'm sure the judge, who had travelled over from Ireland, was very pleased to see so many. There were no red rosettes for the Gennasus dogs, had to make do with 2nd, 3rd and 4th, but I was very pleased at how Desmond behaved - he managed to look interested almost all the time! It was a big class too. Perhaps the showman in him might finally come to the fore.

Although my own dogs didn't win a class, I was very happy to see Desmond's pup, Thistleview Pennies From Heaven (Penny), win the minor puppy class. This was her very first show and she behaved impeccably. Congratulations to Moira who owns her and, if she repeats the win, remember not to look so shocked next time!

Penny appears below but the hall lighting doesn't make for good photos, we'll try for something better another time.


Anonymous said...

I say 48, you say 49...........let's just say nearly 50!


Jen said...

pennies from heaven is adorable!

Ria said...

awwwww! Penny your soooo cute!