Thursday, 6 November 2008

A ramble in Roseisle

There has been a lot of oil rig activity in the Moray Firth of late (there are three out there at the moment) and, just as we were heading off for a walk yesterday, we spotted one being towed out to sea. It was going at some speed and I just managed to catch it before it moved out of the view of the sea which we get from the house.

Louis, Rosa and Jana enjoyed their time in Roseisle, the horse poo being a highlight. This is the favourite stomping ground of the Dughallmor pack but there was no sight nor sound (aroo, arooooh!) of them today.

I realise this blog is called Gennasus 'Papillons' and that, of late, there has been a lot of non-papillon related posts! Hopefully nobody minds and I'll make an effort to feature more of the little hairies.


Dughallmor Beagles said...

Thanks for the link.....aaarrroooo!
We're off to Roseisle shortly....if I can drag myself away from this most ridiculous and un-productive of pastimes! Do you like Craig's new hat?

Rez said...

Fab photos guys and great to see other vizzis using Duffus castle. We go there sometimes perhaps will see you there. Not been around much myself cos got spayed on Monday so on the lead at the moo, boo hoo!!

By the way I must tell the beagles that this is not an unproductive pass time. Personally it keeps me from doing that most boring of house work jobs or cleaning out the chickens!!

See you soon


Gennasus said...


Big thing that spaying but you'll soon bounce back, literally no doubt! And you've got chickens too....they're great, aren't they?

One other thing.....what's housework?

Rez said...

Ah Jena my dear, house work is when you get to chase the noisy thing around the living room and get your chubbles (jowely gums!) sucked up! Its great but very tiring though.

As for the leads at Duffus, we just see whos around as some people dont appreciate 'bouncy' dogs. But some grey hounds go there cos its secure for them to run off lead. The big problem was when the people who used to keep the place tidy (they helped clean up the poop that some inconsiderate people left) moved house about 18 months ago and then the sign appeared and the bin dissapeared.

We still go off lead there so long as its quiet but we often have to do training there which sucks, lead work obedience and stuff.

Any way long winded answer but hope it helps

See you soon


Stuart said...

I love hearing about oil rigs and horse poo. Papillons are good too.