Sunday, 23 November 2008

Meeting up with Morag

Morag came over on Friday with her three boys and we hit Roseisle mid-afternoon. The beagles had been and gone and we passed Karen heading home so it was just us and the six dogs.

It turned into a slightly longer than intended walk when I discovered, two thirds of the way round, that I had dropped one of my good leather leads and we decided to back track to see if we could find it. No joy. The dogs didn't seem to mind the extra time out, even Oban, who really is an old man now, he just ambled along at a steady pace.

As we got back to the car, the light was really dimming, especially in amongst the trees. The car parked next to us belonged to an elderly couple who had arrived at the same time as us and headed off down the track at a sprightly pace. They were equipped with backpacks and walking poles so perhaps intended a long walk but, at this point, it really was getting dark.......maybe we should have sent out a search party! Haven't heard anything on the news since so we'll assume they were ok. Hope I'll be as fit as them at that age!

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