Thursday, 20 November 2008

Sand blasted

Yesterday we met up with Jenny, her three GSDs (Keira, Brint & Sadie) plus Ria's Jasper, for a walk at Roseisle. It was blowing a gale but we didn't realise just how bad it was until we came out of the trees and onto the beach - we could hardly hear each other speak! The dogs had a great time, despite the blown sand getting whipped along at their gets everywhere!

It was good to get back into the relative calm of the forest, hearing restored. As we neared the end of our walk we bumped into the Dughallmors just starting theirs. At this point we had a pack of 10 dogs - all shapes and sizes! It was good to see them mixing well, all except Rosie that is. Poor Rosie is a bit on the timid side and preferred to peep at the group from behind a tree or over a dune. She was much happier once her own little pack moved on.


Kess And Her Mama said...

Wow! Sand storm! Brave dogs...I much prefer to snuggle in bed during bad weather. Come by and collect an award.

Joanne said...

Great photos Sue! My those papillons
can't half shift eh! Glad you enjoyed your jollies and see you soon! xxx