Thursday, 18 September 2008

Louis (Pyatshaw Murphys Law)

Pyatshaw Murphy's Law (Meerwings Murphy's Dream x Noljo Zodiac) was my first papillon and also my first proper show dog. He was bred by Anne Macgregor of Pyatshaw fame so, if my husband wants someone to blame for a house overrun by papillons, it's all her fault!

For most people the first dog they show rarely makes the grade and they buy another which will hopefully be better. Not so with Louis. He qualified for Crufts at his first champ show (although I was too scared to take him!) and hasn't looked back since. He gained his stud book number when he won a limit class at SKC. He has been placed at Crufts most years but usually in the Good Citizens class, which is often smaller than other classes. However, he did do extremely well in 2003 as he was placed 5th in a very large class (about 21 I think), not bad for a first show dog! I showed Gypsy there that year, on behalf of Bill Davidson, and she also got a 5th in a large class.

Not only does Louis have looks, he's not short on brains either. He has had a bit of a bash at obedience and has also passed Bronze, Silver and Gold tests in the Good Citizen Dog Scheme. I was particularly pleased that he got through his Gold as, being such a mummy's boy, an out of sight stay is a big deal for him.

He is now making his mark in the veteran classes. In January this year ('08) at Bon Accord, he won the Toy veteran class and went on to Best Veteran in Show!


Best Veteran in Show at Lochaber, October 2008

Best Veteran In Show at Bon Accord, January 2009....two years in a row!!

Best Toy Veteran at Highland CA, July 2009

Best Toy Veteran at Turriff, July 2009

Best Toy Veteran at Tayside & Lochee, August 2009. He was a whisker away from another BVIS, the judge said if there had been a RBVIS then Louis would have got it.

Gypsy and Louis at Crufts 2003

Above and below - in his prime

Growing old (dis)gracefully

Best Veteran in Show, Bon Accord, January 2008

Best Veteran in Show, Turriff 2008

Best Veteran in Show, Lochaber, October '08

Best Veteran In Show at Bon Accord, January 2009

Best Toy Veteran, Highland, July 2009

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