Saturday, 8 November 2008

Hanging with the Beagles

We met up with the Dughallmor pack today and had a long walk through the forest and then back along the beach. Alfie knows this area like the back of his paw and I'm sure he was showing my lot where the best places were to find deer. Rosie kindly pointed out some lumps of horse poo that Jana would otherwise have missed and Snoop just seemed to be in tail-waggy heaven going from one smell to another.

The sun was shining and the temperature very mild for this time of year, it made for a lovely walk along the beach. The sea was in serene mode, just the gentlest of waves at the shoreline, perfect for dolphin spotting but, unfortunately, none to be seen today.

The great weather had brought out plenty of people, the place was buzzing. For once we didn't have the beach to ourselves.

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karensbrae said...

The pictures are fab!!

Karen x