Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Corrieshalloch Gorge

This gorge is about 12 miles south of Ullapool and we stopped off to give the dogs a run about and to check out the waterfall. The gorge was created 2.5 million years ago by glacial meltwater, the river Droma flows through it and drops 45m at its most dramatic point, the Falls of Measach.

To get the best view of the falls you have to cross a suspension bridge and walk a short distance to a metal viewing platform high above the gorge. A metal viewing platform which juts out into fresh air and which you can see through! Now, I am not keen on heights (or more correctly - drops), so the vertigo I experienced was not unexpected, but I can't imagine anyone not feeling something! Anyone other than LSH of course, he didn't bat an eyelid but then he quite happily threw himself out of a plane on a number of occasions.

The suspension bridge was also an experience because it moved! Not only did it move from side to side but also up and down at the same time!! A very strange feeling and something that my head had problems getting to grips with.

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