Thursday, 12 March 2009

True Colours Violet and Jana's plastic headgear

Finding violet for this week's True Colours Thursday was quite hard, not helped by the fact that I think it's quite similar to a few other colours. However, I'm pretty sure these crocuses from my garden fit the bill nicely.

Blue is the host of this meme, visit her blog if you'd like to join in.

There are also some lilac crocuses in the garden and they were looking lovely in yesterday's really mild weather.

Jana, I'm sure, could stake a claim on being the most accident prone dog in the world. Feel free to correct me if you know otherwise.......we can share the pain of endless vet bills!
In only 17 months she has managed the following:
  • Nicked the end of her incredibly whippy tail resulting in blood-splattered walls. A plastic tube was taped over the end to protect it and it took weeks to heal. It was fine for months but I wasn't surprised to see it bleeding a little last week, she lashes it about so hard (you don't want it hitting your legs!) that this could be an ongoing problem.
  • Took three small chunks out of the lower part of one hind leg. She was doing an impression of a bucking bronco whilst wearing a small wooden table as a saddle. Now before you go and report me for cruelty, I will add that she wasn't supposed to be wearing the table, it was her choice to try and squeeze under it and she was most surprised to find it on her back when she reversed out!
  • Had a couple of grooves put into her nose after she put it a bit too close to a dog who was of the opinion that she shouldn't be doing that.
  • Swelled up alarmingly in the neck area, most likely due to a foreign body.
  • Has had numerous superficial scratches, none requiring vet intervention and a liability of bouncing about in rough terrain.

Now for the latest and the reason she has to wear the lampshade. I discovered a smallish lump on her chest on Sunday and, although it didn't seem to be causing her any bother, my vet suspected another foreign body. Removal before it had the chance to migrate was decided upon.

She had the op yesterday and the lump turned out to be reactive tissue with some very small black bits in it. I suspect gorse could be the culprit as I've had that jabbed into my hand before and the tips broke off and got left behind in the skin. Ideally, we should perhaps avoid the gorse bushes but that could be difficult, it grows nearly everywhere here, and besides, it's often where those tempting rabbits are!

Maybe protection is the answer. Anyone out there who can supply me with vizsla sized body armour?

Jana hates being a vizsla lamp.


Diego Dog said...

Poor Jana!! I hate those lampshades.
Mom said our afghan hounds used to have that tail condition. She said her legs were always bruised.


Totally Timmy said...

Poor puppy. I saw an afghan at the vet clinic once with a broken tail. It had got caught in a flexi leash. Love your flowers. We have snow again!

Mary said...

A friend of my in-laws once left her large lab with them for a weekend. They had absolutely no experience of dogs and when Chloe arrived it was with the bleeding stump of a tail. She had squatted in the gutter to do what all good dogs do, and a vehicle ran over her tail which then had to be amputated unknown to my in-laws. Chloe was NOT a happy bunny, and through the night nearly clawed her way (no joke, literally) through the kitchen door. The rest of the kitchen was besmirched (I love that word) liberally with blood at lab tail height. Needless to say my mother-in-law was truly relieved to be rid of her weekend house guest, and the experience was never repeated!

RockstarJen said...

Viszla lamp! That's funny. I'm sure Jana sees no humor in it whatsoever. Gorgeous flower shots, BTW. Hope Jana is able to ditch the cone soon.

Jenny said...

Jana Banana I think your Mum should decorate that lampshade a lovely shade of Violet to go with this weeks theme! Funny!

Amber and Nala said...

Oh, poor Jana...we are sooo sorry! That sounds horrible. :( We hope the lampshade comes off soon. Try to be safe!

Kisses and get well wishes,

Suldog said...

I always feel so sad for those animals wearing those collars. But, given her past history...

karensbrae said...

Thinking about it I do think Jana could be one of the most accident prone dogs I know! Pleased to hear that the lump was not too serious.

Poopsie aka Blue said...

Sorry late commenting but blame jetlag!
Love the crocus's.

Jana is lovely, feel for her on her collar.
One of the first dogs I found in blog land was a Visla, Radio, who sadly died.

Love, pats & pets

Honey the Great Dane said...

Poor Jana! I had to wear those collars once and I HATED it!!!

Hope you can get ride of it soon, Jana -

Honey the Great Dane

Andrea said...

Hate those lampshades! But your pictures are wonderful!! Jana is beautiful!! :)

Thanks for your kind comment on my might enjoy my other site: The Charlie's dedicated to photos of dogs that I meet...trying to celebrate a little bit of their soul. :)

Samantha ~ Holly and Zac ~ said...

Beautiful Violet flowers.

Poor Jana...:-(

Chris said...

That dog is a walking accident. Maybe you can make her a padded suit, or take out a big bank loan for vet bills

HawaiianDane said...

Poor Jana. How embarrassing. Although she is sporting it quite well.

Your pictures are pretty :)

Mad, Mad, Mad? said...

Give our luv to Jena poor babe. Won`t be long till your up bouncing again??

Dughallmor Beagles said...

Lovely crocuses Sue. But I am more interested in your rather unusual standard they sell those in IKEA?