Wednesday, 4 March 2009

The Best Of The Rest doesn't do rabbits

I took Jana, Louis and Pansy to our dog club's show match at the weekend. For those of you who may be unfamiliar with such events, a match works on a knockout system, two dogs up against each other and the one the judge thinks is best goes on to the next round. Eventually it whittles down to the last three or four, whereupon Best in Match is chosen.

There was a class for the veterans and Louis was third in it. Jana managed to get through two rounds but was knocked out in the final one. Pansy had been knocked out (by Morag's Logie) in the first round, which meant she then went up against all the others in the same position to compete for 'Best Of The Rest'. As you will have seen by the splendid rosette above, she won!

On Sunday we walked in a favourite rabbity place. Noses were going like mad as everyone went into hunting mode. Everyone that is apart from Pansy, who cares not a jot for rabbits, or any other type of wildlife, and probably wouldn't be interested even if it jumped out in front of her blowing raspberries. Don't get me wrong, she loves a chase, but for her, the ball is everything.

" Did someone mention rabbits"?

There's one in here..........

..........and over there!

"Stuff the rabbits - just THROW THE BALL !!"

Jana found something unsavoury to roll in. It was black, oily and smelly. Most likely a mink calling card.

"I might not be able to catch the wildlife but at least I can smell like it"


Tina. said...

Oh yuck to the last picture! Why dooooo dogs do that? But they all do look like they enjoyed themselves and a big Congrats to Pansy!

P.S. In answer to your question yes the peeps are on their way! And will be here in 32 days,Yeah!

Life With Dogs said...

That mid-flight shot is worthy of framing. Great catch.
And third place is nothing to shake a stick at.
Oh pun, sorry!

Sally said...

Nice pictures. Cute.
I have generated a DOGBLOGLINK, would be glad if you and your friends would add yourself.

Sally from French

The Gray Family said...

Love the flying Jana picture.

Where is the rabbit walk - we'll need to go there next time we are up.


Suldog said...

Do they ever catch any?

Gennasus said...

Suldog - I was going to say that the wildlife can rest easy, nothing has ever been caught, but then I remembered that Louis has actually despatched a few unfortunate voles. However, four voles in nine years......I doubt it's had much impact on the population, he certainly hasn't made a career of it.

Dughallmor Beagles said...

Hehe, I was just about to say how beautiful Jana is in flight....then I scrolled down to the last shot....nice smear Jana, good work!
Wabbits?? Did someone say wabbits??

Totally Timmy said...

Your pics are awesome and the dogs are beautiful. I use to have a red and a tri and miss them sooo much..someday I hope to get another. Congrats on the big ribbon!

Amber and Nala said...

Oh Jana, not you furiends like to roll in smelly stuff as well. Did you have to get a bath?? I had to get one today because I was running around in a pasture and got REALLY muddy. :( Congrats on the award my little Papillon furiend! :) Love the Jana takes flight shot. :)

Claire said...

that photo of jana leaping is fab!!!