Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Three weeks old and getting interesting

Gypsy's pups are now three weeks old and coming on in leaps and bounds......well......on tottery legs actually! They are starting to interact with each other, games are initiated but don't usually get very far as one or both usually fall over! They have learnt how to bark and growl and the red and white has discovered he can wag his tail, his brother is a bit slower there.
Their muzzles and paws have a pinkish tinge, this seems to happen with some of our pups but not all and I think it is to do with white coats and suckling. It usually goes away once they are bigger and less reliant on mum.


karensbrae said...

3 weeks already ??
R u bringing any 2 classes?
coz they are cute!!!!

Caitlin xx

Debbie Burns said...

What lovely babies :-)

If these turn out anything like their big brother Bruce then they will be exceptionally gorgeous.

best wishes,


Mary said...

Lovely pups, Sue. Isn't it a shame they grow up so quickly. I look forward to meeting them at shows in the not too distant future.

Jen said...

so cute! they are adorable. merry christmss!

Julia said...

adorable puppies! congrats!

Maribeso Papillons News said...

Sweet puppies! Lots of luck with them!