Sunday, 28 December 2008

Family time

Ian, Lynne and our grandson Euan came to stay on Boxing Day, all were suffering from a nasty cough and cold bug but we still managed to have a good time. Euan wasn't quite his usual smiley self (and no wonder) but he still retained his usual good humour, he is such a good baby.

My sister Paula, her husband Julian and their children, Alex and Lewis, also arrived on Boxing Day but they are staying at my mum's room at this inn! They have a dog too, a six month old vizsla called Jake who had a whale of a time running through the Roseisle woods with a bunch of our dogs and Lynne and Ian's collies. It was interesting to compare him with Jana and I can see how much she has actually matured. She decided she quite liked him although the mad collies were much more fun to race about with, poor puppy Jake got left behind a bit.

It was a lovely frosty day, perfect for a walk and we finished it off with a visit to the farm shop. The kids enjoyed the play area and our cake went down a treat!

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The Gray Family said...

Still the best cake there. x