Thursday, 18 December 2008

Still waiting

An update on Desmond.

He is still hospitalised at the vets as his operation has been delayed until tomorrow. Because his bones are so small, a special, very tiny, plate had to be ordered in and it only arrived late on today. His leg is supported in a temporary splint and he is being kept comfortable with pain killing injections. He is quite settled and has been eating so can't be feeling too bad.

I'll be happy once he's back at home but I'm not sure how he is going to take to at least a month of complete cage rest!


Mary said...

Glad you gave us an update, Sue. We both have our fingers very firmly crossed here and will be thinking of you all tomorrow. What happened to him is what we all dread happening.

Petitchien Papillons said...

Thinking of you Sue, and hoping that all goes well. Debs

Jen said...

Poor little guy. He must be miserable and scared. I truly do hope all goes well.