Sunday, 7 December 2008

I am very pleased to be able to announce that there are two new members of the Gennasus gang. Gypsy had two dog pups in the early hours of last Tuesday morning and they are doing so well that I thought it was about time to let everyone know.

There was a slight hitch in proceedings when it looked as though the first one was determined to stay where he was and I had to rush off to the vets at 3.45am on a very cold, snowy and icy morning! However, Gypsy managed to evict him just as I drew up at the surgery and I ended up feeling guilty at dragging the vet out of his bed for nothing! (He is my boss so I hope he has forgiven me). I still think it was the right decision, I've been in that position before, surgical intervention was required and you really can't leave it too long or you risk losing the pup.

The second pup caused no such problems and he had the luxury of being born in a nice warm bedroom instead of a chilly car! Little did I know that the Seumelga lot were also up in the wee small hours but Nana's whelping went on much longer and produced eleven pups!! Just a slight difference in litters! Gypsy's pups were around 4oz at birth (a fairly average weight) and I think Nana's were nearer the 1lb mark! I know which litter I'd rather have in my sitting-room in a few weeks time!!

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Pyatshaw said...

When are you going to throw away that camera (make sure it's in my direction)? I'm sure you should be using something that can supply much more detail on every individual hair on the pups!
Great photographs all the same with that old thing!