Wednesday, 10 December 2008

A model citizen

It was the Good Citizen Dog Scheme test night at dog club yesterday and, despite our less than intensive training, I put Jana down to do Bronze and Silver. Apart from wanting to get into some serious play sessions with her favourite friends Jasper and Logie, and taking far too much interest in Jenny's very yummy treats, she was actually very good and managed to pass them both. I was most impressed by her steady two minute sit stay as we hadn't practised much more than a minute's length. It might not sound long but when you are standing away from your dog the time seems to take forever to pass.
The Gold test won't be until July, which gives us plenty of time to do some real training and we'll need it - there is a big difference between Silver and Gold levels.
A good start anyway and, you never know, maybe obedience will become her thing........but not until she clicks that heelwork does not include bouncing.


Dughallmor Beagles said...

You did great last night, well done Jana....and Sue!

Jen said...

Congrats! Well done.

karensbrae said...

Jana did really well!!
That sit seems to take forever.

Abbeyton Papillons said...

Well done Jana.

The Gray Family said...

Well done to you both. Congratulations to Jana for being able to stop playing and having fun to concentrate for that stay.

TWa76 said...

Great job! Congrats!

Thanks for visiting in our blog. It is allways great to here engouraging words.

Paula said...

Congratulations Jana!
We understand that you are a 1st place winner at heart, but with so many treats around the other dogs it is really hard to concentrate.