Saturday, 4 October 2008

Where we live

Hopeman is a village right beside the Moray Firth and has two lovely beaches with a small harbour in between. At one time the harbour used to be busy with fishing boats but they are long gone and now it's mainly pleasure boats that are tied up there.

Not only do we have these beaches a few minutes walk from the house, we have access to many more all along this coastline - it's a very scenic area.

Jana loves chasing a ball over the sand and she'll have the odd paddle (not progressed to swimmng's a bit too scary) but the papillons are not quite so keen. They are definitely not water dogs and have been known to walk around puddles. Luckily, this area has many forests that we can also walk through and this is much more to their liking. It's a great place to own a dog.

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