Friday, 17 October 2008

Keep still while I count you all

We've had a higher than usual number of papillons in the house over the last week or so. First of all Bryan and Jarvis came for a few days while their people, Chris and Greg, had a short break.

Chris describes Bryan as the 'off road' version of a pap, he is slightly larger and is happy not to be encumbered with all that 'girly' hair getting in the way! Jarvis, however, does have to put up with the hair but he doesn't let it slow him down too much. His ear fringing grows profusely and....sensitive pap owners may not want to read any further at this point, you have been warned.........Chris resorts to trimming it (aaargh!) in order that he can actually see where he is going! It really is the most practical thing for him....... so I have forgiven her.

Both boys are lucky to live surrounded by fields full of wildlife and have a whale of a time on their walks. Bird flushing is a favourite and they would make great little gundogs!

For one day we had three extra dogs in the house as Sorrel arrived just before Bryan and Jarvis left. We manage fine with our visitors but it does mean we have a lot of head counting to do!

Although a happy little soul, I have a feeling Sorrel regards her week long stay here rather like doing time. She has to rough it in with the rest of the gang when I'm sure she much prefers being an only pap. Her time is now up as Linda and Ray will be home today.

No doubt Sorrel will be lying blissfully in Linda's lap tonight and regarding the last week as a bad dream.


Stuart said...

Forgive me, because I'm also having a hard time counting, but wasn't Sorrel once a former member of the gang? I didn't see a bandanna or other noticeable emblem, so perhaps her days of organised crime are behind her now.

Gennasus said...

You're quite correct and I think I actually have a photo of you holding her during her formative years. A life of shows and puppies (especially puppies - Sorrel doesn't do puppies)was not for her and she got out while the going was good. Linda had always wanted her and she's been living a crime-free life in Lossiemouth for the past few years.

Dughallmor Beagles said...

Aww, they're all so well behaved for photos......or maybe all paps are born posers!

Rez said...

Hello gennasus

Nice to meet you and your clan. Whats even better is that we live not a couple of miles from you all. We are just near Duffus, and regularly walk in Roseisle/ Burghead woods and Lossie Forrest. Hope to see you out on a walk some time.

Kess And Her Mama said...

What fun to have all those dogs in the house. BTW, can I add you to my blog list?

Gennasus said...

I'm not so sure my husband(the long-suffering one) would agree with you Kess! I think our recently celebrated 28 years of marriage may have aged him prematurely!!

And great to hear from you Rez...we'll look out for you!