Friday, 3 October 2008

One other

I can't believe I forgot to include Sheila the budgie in with the others. If you could hear the volume of noise that she creates (in the same room as the computer, I hasten to add), you would also be amazed that I had forgotten about her.

The ringing phone often gets her excited and callers have to put up with shrill calls and wolf whistles punctuating the the odd pap bark of course! Her favourite thing though is when we skype anyone. Quite often we have a bit of an echo and she gets increasingly louder as she tries to communicate with the budgie in the computer.......she must think it's a bit thick when all it ever does is repeat what she says.

I wouldn't say that Sheila is the tamest of budgies, she will sit on your finger..........but she'll peck it first!

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