Thursday, 9 October 2008

Great day out at Lochaber show

We headed down to Fort William for Lochaber open show on Sunday, it takes roughly two hours on a very twisty road. We possibly could do it slightly quicker but there would be a much greater chance of all the dogs losing the contents of their stomachs. Our dogs are great travellers but this road would test even a seasoned roller coaster fan. It's a very scenic route so going slower means you can take in the views.

The committee of Lochaber & District Canine Association put on a lovely show, it is really well organised with plenty of prizes (even cash!) and they must be unique in laying on a generous hospitality table which has home baking and drinks (including alcoholic - bit early for me!). A lovely show.

The dogs all did very well.....even Desmond! Rosa was first in her class (there was only her there mind you) but Des won the next class.......and he did have competition! Pansy got a creditable second in her class. Des then took Best of Breed, his first but hopefully not his last! He even managed second place in the group. As I mentioned before, he is not a natural showman but, after having a string of bitches in season at home for the last few weeks, his mind was definitely on the girls. He was obviously out to impress those in the ring!

There was more success to come and profitable too. Louis won the veteran stakes (his third such win this year) and that came with £10 prize money. Des had got £5 for Best of Breed and Pansy's 5th in the open bitch stakes brought in another £2. It's very rare to get any prize money at shows so this was very welcome and probably covered our entry.

Jana won her breed class, her first such win. This was her last time in puppy as it was her first birthday the next day.

I wanted some photos of the dogs for posting on here so tried posing them in the garden the next day, Louis posed perfectly, Jana was a bit more difficult but we got something in the end, and Desmond refused point blank to co-operate! The one of him posted below was the best of the bunch!!


Pyatshaw said...

I hope you have not invested all that cash in an Icelandic Bank.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you could buy another waistcoat!!!! with all your winings