Sunday, 26 October 2008

Our local show

Yesterday we were at Banff, Moray and Nairn CC's open show at Lossiemouth, seeing as this is just 6 miles down the road it meant a nice, short journey for us and no getting up at the crack of dawn. Luxury!

Desmond kept up his winning form (as well as his tail!) when he was placed first in his class. Rosa should have been in the second class but is indisposed at the moment.....having finally come into season. Pansy won her class then beat Des for Best of Breed and topped it off by winning the group. She showed her socks off during Best in Show (she really wanted that garlic sausage!) but didn't get any further, the judge was a terrier man and, although he did put his hands on her, I got the distinct feeling that he was afraid he would break her! Small hairy people were probably not his cup of tea.

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