Friday, 30 October 2009

Spey Bay

Yesterday, for the sixth of this series of seven beaches, I drove a few miles up the coast to Spey Bay. This is where the river Spey meets the sea and there are long banks of pebbles on either side. Most of our beaches are sandy so this made a change.

The river mouth attracts a wide variety of wildlife, the biggest draw being the resident Moray Firth dolphins, which have often been seen feeding on the river's salmon. Ospreys can also be seen fishing here during the summer, too late to see one now as they've all headed off to Africa for the winter.

The Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society have a centre here, it's popular with tourists and has a pretty good cafe. It was a beautiful day, the sea was lovely and it didn't matter that the dolphins didn't put in an appearance.


The river joins the sea.

Looking up river.

Looking west.

Zooming in on Lossiemouth to the west.

Eastwards and Cullen Bin (hill).

Jana wasn't very keen on the pebbles.

Lots of driftwood gets washed up here.

This was part of a very large piece of driftwood that the centre salvaged and have turned into a feature in the garden. It is called 'Diving Cetacean'. I can see why.

All the dogs found the pebbles hard going.

Louis kept telling me how much more tempting the adjacent golf course and gorse bushes were.

We went that way. Happy dogs.


The last beach was Nairn today. Hopefully I'll get that posted tomorrow when I get back from a dog show.


Kess And Her Mama said...

What a beautiful beach. Kess doesn't like walking on rocks and pebbles either! Glad the dogs finally had their way.

Sunny said...

Your pictures are a joy to look at. My dog Lucy doesn't like to walk on pebbles either.
Enjoy your weekend.
Sunny :)

karensbrae said...

How far up the viaduct did you walk? I could have put the kettle on!!xx

jabblog said...

Gorgeous beach - so clean! Jana's photograph made me laugh; she looks as if she's standing tall to get away from the pebbles!

Linda said...

Oh - I see Ben Aigen and Ben Rinnes in the up-river shot. Makes me very homesick!