Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Another day, another beach

I've decided to take part in My World Tuesday this week, click here to see what's happening all around the world. (I know this post is about Monday's beach but, by the time I got it finished, it had turned into Tuesday!)

It was back to Lossiemouth for the third of the seven beach visits (see the previous posts for the first two) but this time it was East Beach, which is on the other side of the harbour and where the river Lossie meets the sea.

The beach stretches for miles up to Kingston and Spey Bay. It is accessed by means of a footbridge over the river Lossie.

The dunes you can see were man-made to help prevent erosion and were created using old railway carriages.

The footbridge.

We rarely visit East Beach and this was probably Jana's first trip over the bridge. Note the posture and spread toes, she definitely didn't think it was safe!

A rainbow started to make an appearance above the harbour wall but didn't come to anything. Despite heavy looking skies, no rain appeared and it was a much better day than yesterday.

Jana spots a monster in the dunes.

The river mouth is a great place for bird life.

Better weather but still quite rough sea..............

............which created lots of frothy spume. Cappuccino comes to mind.

Jana wears Uggs

East Beach is quite popular with surfers. Even in October.

Dune surfing.

Beaches are the best for running.

And running

Running with a smile.

These are a couple of the fisher cottages of Seatown, a little huddle of about 50 homes beside the river mouth which date back to the 17th century. These are typically compact, I think even I (at 5'2") might have to watch my head going through that blue door!

Lossiemouth's harbour was once home to a large fishing fleet. Nowadays it's a marina full of fancy yachts.

Not from East Beach but yesterday's lighthouse seen from a different angle. It appears to be stranded high and dry. This photo was taken today, not long after the beach trip, so it is surprising to see the sky looking so blue. It was definitely grey. Who said "the camera never lies"?

Tomorrow's weather forecast is BAD. I haven't decided which beach to visit yet but will it make any difference? You probably won't get to see much of it.


Sunny said...

Such enjoyable pictures, I love the expressions on Jana's face. The little cottages are so pretty decked out in their pretty colors.
Very nicely done.
Sunny :)

The Gray Family said...

Brilliant photos - love the one of Jana in her Ugg boots.
I remember the 1st time Jura went across that bridge, she got just over half way then panicked and ran back. Silly dog had to do it all over again.
Looks like the worse of the weather is going to hit Ian up in Applecross today. x

jabblog said...

Lovely trip to the beach - thank you! Jana sampled the cappucino at the same time as donning her uggs - what a great place for a dog to gallop!

Scout 'n Freyja said...

GORGEOUS photos! Love the frothy surf and Janna running in the dunes!

Sylvia K said...

Well, of course, my first thought was that Jana looks just like our Mojo!! And just as beautiful and what fun she is having! I absolutely LOVE all your beautiful photos! The beaches look delightful, the frothy surf and I love the colorful cottages! Fabulous! Can't wait to show these to my son!



Chris said...

Great shot of the heron Sue. Love the expression on Jana's face, she does enjoy herself.

Lindy MacDuff said...

Another lovely beach! I feel Jana's hesitation and fear with the bridge. Glad she was able to forget all about it while running in the dunes. She looks like a happy girl!

Great shots of the heron, especially in flight.

Cute cottages and colorful marina.