Saturday, 3 October 2009

The last day of summer?

I'm still lagging behind with posts but I've been busy with a photo project at work and that has been taking up much of my time.

We have gale force winds today, there's a real chill in the air and it couldn't be more different from last Saturday when I was basking in sunshine at a dog show held at Perth Racecourse. This was a new venue for this show, most people seemed to like it but, seeing as three rings were outdoor, I think it may have been a different story had it been a wet day! Toy breeds wouldn't have been affected because their ring was indoor, in what must surely be a first.......a bar! I must add that it was closed, I think swigging Famous Grouse whilst in the ring might be frowned upon by the Kennel Club.

I stayed the night with Ian, Lynne and Euan as I had another show on Sunday just up the road at Arbroath. No photos from there as it is held in a rather dimly lit hall. I had three dogs with me, all were placed at both shows but there are no wins to report. Louis did the best with a second place in a class of sixteen veterans at Arbroath. (For those that might not know, a dog becomes a veteran once it is over seven years of age. Louis is now just over ten).

View of Perth Racecourse and the outdoor rings from the grandstand

Anne (Pyatshaw) makes use of the winners enclosure. Tass was surely eligible, seeing as she had won the toy veteran class.

A novel place for a ring

A glimpse of neighbouring Scone Palace

A few of the dogs at the show.........

The original shaggy dog story

Big smile from this borzoi

Jana loved sunbathing on the warm grandstand

There was time for a walk in the park with Euan before bed............

Kicking through the leaves, a sure sign of autumn

In a world of his own

Bath done, ready for a story and bed


Thomgib said...

I would like some PJs in that nice green colour if you are thinking of ideas for Xmas ?

jabblog said...

Perth Racecourse looks a very fine venue for a dog show but you're right about the weather - would not have been pleasant in rain or howling gale - or both!

Sierra Rose said...

Wonderful photos!
Euan is a darling!

Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
Sierra Rose

Gail said...

The child is adorable!

I also loved the dogs. Of course you knew I would.

I am fascinated with Jana, this a breed not seen around here.

Dughallmor Beagles said...

Hello stranger! Yes, thankfully i'm back in Blogland.....and now i've started I seem unable to stop.....3 posts in as many days! Well, as you saw I had taken far too many photos and was too lazy to edit them all.....however, your comment gave me the perfect excuse to play with my new toy.....I got PSE 7 the other day.....and now Rosie's antennae have been removed, my first real attempt with the clone tool.....success?
I've hardly touched it as learning it is pretty time consuming- for me anyway!
How cool that the dogs got to use the winner's enclosure at Perth :D
And of course, Euan is as adorable as ever!
I scrolled down and absolutely LOVE that last shot of Jana with the shades funny!
Hopefully i'll be by more often now i'm getting back into the swing of things....and no, FB has not completely swallowed me up.....almost though!
N xx

Suldog said...

The racecourse looks lovely and a perfect setting for any event!

Claire said...

love that shot of janna sunbathing in the grandstands! roux is a sun hound, too. :)

Linda said...

Lovely to see the dogs enjoying the last of the sunshine. And that last shot of Euan is adorable. I remember that 'just out of the bath' look. You want to give them lots of cuddles!

bettyl said...

Great photos! The doggy portraits are wonderful!

Kess And Her Mama said...

As always, the pictures are gorgeous. The clarity is amazing.

Gayle said...

Jana cracks me up and that Euan is such a cutie!