Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Sand, sea and soggy dogs

Day four of the week's worth of beaches and it was a short drive a couple of miles up the road to Burghead Bay. This crescent shaped bay is a six mile stretch of sand between Burghead to the east and Findhorn to the west. You can reach the beach from either end or drive through Roseisle Forest and park at a point roughly half way along. The forest runs almost the length of the beach and extends quite a way inland.

For once the weather men were correct and the rain poured down. We did get wet but I managed to get a few photos during a very short break in the rain. Not great shots I'm afraid, I used the smaller camera and some water droplets got on the lens.

Looking west, Findhorn in the distance.

Looking east to Burghead

Much calmer sea today.

The remains of the concrete war defences are much in evidence on this beach.

The dogs always find the 'pill boxes' very interesting. Probably because they are well used pee posts! Louis adds to the messages.

Click to enlarge - could that be a ghost peering out of the window?!

A wet vizsla doesn't look too different to a dry one.

The same can't be said for a papillon!

The photos below were taken earlier in the year.

When the tide is out there's a lot of beach here.

Almost the whole beach seen from the Findhorn end.

Tomorrow we head off to Cullen with the promise of good weather.


Sierra Rose said...

What lovely beaches!!! Would love to visit this area. You pals had such a good time, I can tell! Wet, wet, wet. All good play times!

Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
Sierra Rose

Sunny said...

There's nothing like a soggy doggie. When my dog Lucy gets her long winter coat, she is like a sponge!
I enjoy your beach pictures and the fun your dogs have.
Sunny :)

serline said...

My dogs need friends, can they join them for a run? I should show them those photos and they will definitely miss Phuket beaches.

Gayle said...

My guess is everyone had a bath when they got home. Great adventures with your 4-legged friends.

Pyatshaw said...

You have far too many great beaches, largely "uninhabited" for your own good up there!..and all within fairly easy reach.
Great photos, as ever!

jabblog said...

Even in the rain the beach looks inviting - I like the emptiness of it.

Jennifer Wilbur said...

Love to see other beaches! And yes, wet doggies are just great. Both kinds. :)

Honey the Great Dane said...

I know it's not the "popular" thing of white sand beaches, turquoise sea and waving palm trees but I DO love this sort of wild, untamed landscape!


karensbrae said...

As usual fantastic pics! See you saturday.