Monday, 2 February 2009

White once more

The snow came back today, not too thick just yet but there could be more to come. It was a new experience for the pups and they thought it was wonderful. It wasn't long before they were having a great game of chase with Rosa.


Tina. said...

Those little balls of fluffy fur are just beautiful! It just makes us want to scoop them up and hug:-)

Honey Dew and Sampson think they are having a lot of fun! They say if you want more snow you can have alllllll of ours!

Amber said...

Ahhhh, so cute! I love that first pic! :)

Nala & Amber

Anonymous said...

Aww! What sweet little fluffballs!

karensbrae said...

How cute!!!
Love Caitlin xx