Saturday, 7 February 2009

Wind and snow

We haven't been hit with as much snow as many places but there have been a few showers. Our first walk of the day was during a lovely sunny spell but there was a biting wind.

Louis looking windswept and interesting

Not a hair out of place for Jana..........'s just her ears that are out of control!

Her best meercat impression (she's looking for Louis in the long grass)

We spotted an interesting fungus

A stormy Lossiemouth West Beach. Could those be snow clouds?

Definitely snow clouds! The hens tough it out.

Rosa and Pansy revel in it

Just caught the end of the sunset on the second walk


Tina. said...

Wonderful pictures! Is that a light house way off on the point?

Pups look like they are having a wonderful time in spite of the weather!

P.S. Thank you for your supportive comment! Much appreciated!

Jenny said...

yip,Jana definately needs some hairspray on those ears, extra firm hold!

Dughallmor Beagles said...

Teenie Tinies, a gorgeous redhead, mad ears, snow....AND Lossie....aahhhh!
I felt Lossie calling yesterday and the West Beach is my favourite of the two....must get over soon!

Amber said...

I have that same ear flappin' in the wind problem. :)


karensbrae said...

The meercat impression is super! Think she still does a fantastic Tigger!!!

Pyatshaw said...

I'm dreading coming home, although that's a bit off yet. Would you rather have our heatwave? (thankfully the temp. has dropped back to the 20s in the past 2 days)
Great photos, as usual.