Sunday, 1 February 2009

Caledonian Show

Yesterday saw us at our third show in as many weeks. This time it was Caledonian, which is held at Ingliston, Edinburgh, and we shared the journey with Morag and her Eurasier, Logie.
Louis didn't get the chance to go for another Best Veteran because he wasn't entered and he looked more than a little put out as he watched Rosa, Pansy and Jana head out the door!
We were lucky to be able to stay overnight on Friday at the Pyatshaw household and so avoid having to get up at some outlandish hour on Saturday morning, unlike our friends Dughallmor, Seumelga and Karensbrae!
On our way to the show we saw the most beautiful sunrise, the colours were amazing. I wound down the window of Morag's little white van......cue mega blasts of order to take some photos, and almost froze Morag's fingers to the steering wheel in the process. Considering we were rattling along at 70 mph at the time, the photos haven't turned out too bad.
I was really hoping that the sky would still be colourful by the time we reached the the bridges over the Forth and I wasn't disappointed. The famous rail bridge is quite distinctive and looked lovely against the sky and, even though I was trying to get shots in between the metalwork of the road bridge, I think it has turned out well. Ideally I would have liked to stop and get some proper pictures from the pedestrian's part of the bridge but that was never going to happen......Morag hates crossing that bridge and probably would have fainted if I'd gone anywhere near the edge!
The show was enjoyable, the paps had a Finnish judge and they did quite well under him. Rosa came third in her class and Pansy was placed second after the judge made her move alongside Ruben as he was trying to decide between them. Ruben won but there's no shame in being beaten by a nice dog. Jana also got a second in her breed class, a repeat of last week. A pretty good day really, just a shame the show society don't give out rosettes, a little bit of card isn't quite the same! Morag's Logie was lucky enough to get a rosette though, he won his class to take Best Import.
There was a fairly strong wind which probably helped blow us back home in good time and, unlike Manchester, all went very smoothly.
Roll on next week when we'll be doing it all over again!
The photos don't show just how colourful the sunrise actually was

Forth Rail Bridge

The hall

Jana doing her stuff

Morag's Logie

Logie and Jana let off steam in the showground


Tina. said...

Oh my goodness! You really have gorgeous sunsets over there! Nice pictures!

In answer to your question, you are correct, the "game" is the Superbowl. (I don't do sports myself but my husband is a Steeler fanatic!)

Tina. said...

Oops I mean sunrise! PS. If you want the snow you can definitely have it. We have had enough!

HawaiianDane said...

Congrats with the the placements at the show. You guys sure had a lot of rings open! Here in Hawaii we never have more than 4 at a time. And LOTS of Danes entered! Great pics - the sunrise is BEAUTIFUL!

Anonymous said...

What gorgeous sunsets! Congrats on the placements! :)

The Gray Family said...

Lovely photo of the bridge - about the only thing I do miss about early commutes to Edinburgh. x

Pyatshaw said...

As you said, the sky WAS actually a vivid deep red--I've never seen anything like it. Lovely photos though (and none in soft focus!)

Jenny said...

Jana looks real good in the photo at caledonian, at least there were no break downs this time!

Amber said...

Beautiful sky photos! That bridge pne is very nice. :) Congrats on the second places. :) Jana looks like she is having fun!

Nala & Amber

Dughallmor Beagles said...

Wow, you really did capture that sunrise....just gorgeous! All the dogs looked great, enjoyed the show despite not getting placed....well done Jana and Logie, who looks windswept and interesting!

karensbrae said...

I really like the sunrise photo's what fantastic colours. You did'nt have to leave as early as us, but you were able to go home before us!!! We got home at 9pm totally shattered.
We are off to Bathgate Saturday for a judging appoitment then Inverness Sunday.