Sunday, 26 July 2009

Remember the dogs?

The dogs have taken a back seat on the blog during the holiday posts but now they're back.

While we were away the dogs were split between my mum, Chris and Jenny. Jana didn't seem to miss us very much, she was too busy having fun with Keira, Brint, Sadie and Jasper pug.

Jana dangling a toy in front of Jasper


News of a successful show two weeks ago. For various reasons, I haven't been able to get to many shows in the last few months so it was great to be out at Bon Accord KA's open show in Aberdeen. The weather defied the forecast and stayed warm and dry, which is just as well, seeing as there is no wet weather provision at this venue.

It was a lovely day out and the dogs did very well. Pansy and Louis had to make do with third places but both Rosa and Desmond won their classes and then Des went on to take Best of Breed. It was pretty hot during the group judging, he was starting to get a bit fed up and, seeing as there were eleven dogs there, I wasn't expecting too much. However, I was very pleased when he made the shortlisted six and then chuffed to bits when he actually won the group!

The photo below was taken after he'd won the group and my friend Anne Macgregor (Pyatshaw) had to work quite hard to get it because he was his usual uncooperative self!

Desmond with his Bon Accord rosettes


Last weekend I was at a local charity show with Pansy and Jana. It was a nice afternoon out, the dogs were placed well enough but, for them, the best bit came afterwards when they went for a run at Duffus Castle with Jenny and Morag's dogs.

Cue lots of running dogs.

Mad-face Jana

Logie, Pansy and Sadie


Sadie had a great time in the moat, then shook half of it over us

Speedy Pug! Not sure what he's doing with his tongue

Group pose
Logie, Sadie, Jasper, Gigha, Jana and Pansy


More show news. Yesterday I was at Dingwall for Highland CA's open show and it turned out to be Desmond's day again. He took Best of Breed and then second in the group, Jasper pug won it! Pansy took Best Opposite Sex and Louis won the Toy veteran class. Rosa was entered but she is in season and so had to stay at home (and complained bitterly about it all day, according to LSH).

It was another nice day out, not only did we do well but plenty of friends did the same and it was nice to sit in the sun and watch proceedings. Next week we do it all over again at Turriff, fingers crossed for the weather.

Des with his prizes

Pansy and her Best Opposite Sex trophy

Louis with another Best Veteran award

The winners with trophies and rosettes from Bon Accord and Highland

Jasper and Desmond - 1st and 2nd in the Toy group


Jenny said...

Jasper says "Damn I wish it was Rosa stood next to me!"

Owner of Storm and Jackal said...

If you ever have puppies I sooooo want a black and white out of Pansy. :D Beautiful, beautiful Papillons!

Chris said...

Well done, a good day at Dingwall. The dogs look like they are having agreat time at Duffus, it seems to have the same effect on my two

Gail said...

Your dogs are amazingly beautiful. I have fallen in love with this breed.

GoldenSamantha said...

Wow! Congratulations on all those prizes! Such pretty, pretty dogs! I absolutely ADORE the fields where the doggies are running - I would love to be there, with the castle walls in the back round! And a MOAT to get wet in? Too much! I want to play with you all!
Hugs xo

Amber and Nala said...

Congrats on the awards!! Love the running pics and the group shot. :) That shaking one is great as well! I enjoyed looking at your pics below....looks like a great trip and what cool butterflies.


The Gray Family said...

Brilliant weekends you've had. Well Done Des. Fab photos. I love the one of Gigha running - I like the white bits in her ears. x

jabblog said...

I had been wondering where the dogs were while you were away!
Congratulations on your show successes. They really are very pretty dogs (sorry, Desmond - handsome . . . )

Mad, Mad, Mad? said...

Welldone! Great pic`s as always! See you at Turriff.x

Suldog said...

Congratulations! Love the group pose!

Woodrow, Sweetie, MJ Campanella said...

congrats on all the awards - but the most fun looked like was when they were all running together
Woodrow, Sweetie & MJ

karensbrae said...

Please give Desmond my apologies as I have him as the veteran.
Highland was a good day out for us all.

Prospero said...

Remember the dogs? Gee, yes I do. Those paps are sure a good magnet for those trophies and ribbons!

Pyatshaw said...

Don't you just love that trophy that Pansy won?! Where is it this time? the bathroom?
Congratulations all the same. Won't be at Turriff, so Good Luck!

R.Ramakrishnan said...

What an adorable group of dogs. And so smart & well trained too. Congrats on the platterful of awards at the shows.

Maribeso Papillons New said...

Great photos! What a crew! Beautiful paps!

Linda said...

You've won! And I don't mean Dingwall! Come and see the full thing at my blog.
And of course congratulations for the 'real' competitions. Don't your dogs look so proud with their tartan rosettes!

Keats The Sunshine Girl said...

Great dogs and well done ! So many prizes to take home.
We used to own 2 alsatians, Czarina and Ninja, a dashchund named Suzie. Now we have Robbie, a labrador. You are welcomed to read about him in my post, 'Wag tail -Home!

Kath said...

Just came over from Mrs Nesbitts, so glad I did. What gorgeous dogs and how lovely to see them running free. I have to say, I just adore pugs! We have 2 Bedlington lurchers, who are very much family. Nice to meet yours! best wishes Kath

Dot O said...

Yes, I so wish I could turn the hands of the clock back - they were such sweet times. However, we are also having a wonderful time watching them turn into the fine young adults they will be. You know that feeling, I'm sure!

Thanks for the visits. I love seeing you pop in! My blogging time is quite limited anymore since I got the puppy...... I forgot how much of you they require....

Jo said...

Oh Wow! I was just about to ask you how your pups are when you visited my blog but decided to come and see for myself. What a wonderful post and what champions your dogs are. I LOVE Jana (I love them all, but Jana is a fave) Do you say Jana (J) or pronounce it as Y as in Yana? I love the waterdrops from Sadie's shake. Thanks for sharing. Hugs Jo

Gennasus said...

Maybe not champions, Jo, but they're not bad!

Jana is pronounced 'Yana'. I was trying to find something to suit a Hungarian breed and, although I don't think it is actually a Hungarian name (they seem to have a lot of 'sz' sounds), I think it is East European, possibly Czech.

Esther Garvi said...

You take amazing pictures! Of course, Jana the "ridgeback in disguise" is my constant favourite, but today, I was all "aaaaaw" for the others as well!! :-D

Jennifer Wilbur said...

NOW i see Jana's mad face! That must why I love her. She's so full of expression, always. She must be fun to photograph. How do you get those guys to pose for the group shot? That is quite the coup.