Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Graduation day

After five years of study at The University of Edinburgh, Adam graduated with a Masters degree in Astrophysics. All very complicated stuff and we really have no idea where he gets his brains from, especially his ability with maths because both LSH and I never enjoyed that. We are very proud of what he has achieved and he now gets to put the letters M. Phys after his name.

The ceremony was held in the McEwan Hall, which was specifically built as a graduation/concert hall for the university and was funded by William McEwan of the famous (in Scotland at least) brewing company, hence the name. It took a further three years to complete the very lavish decoration, which could perhaps be described as a little over the top but is, nonetheless, quite you will see. The hall, of course, is nowhere near as old as the university, which was founded in 1583.

The McEwan Hall

Waiting for proceedings to start

Inside the hall

The organ that you can see in the photo was not part of the original plan of the hall and was actually built three years later. Only some of the pipes are visible as most of them had to be ingeniously fitted in behind the existing fabric of the platform apse. It sounded wonderful.

The domed ceiling

The hall is semi-circular and has two galleries running around it.
You can see a bit of them in the photo above. We wondered who had the job of polishing all the lovely carved woodwork.

Adam having his head touched with the graduation cap by the Vice-Chancellor.

It's all over and we try to spot Adam in amongst the throng!

The carving above the door depicting a graduation. Legend has it that the cap is made out of John Knox's breeches.

Adam Gray M.Phys

Last photo in full regalia

Stripped down to Highland dress and off to celebrate

Stopping for a Guinness on the way to meet up with Ian and Lynne.
It was quite a hot day.....and kilts are very warm!

Grassmarket. Lovely architecture, shame about some of the modern signs!

Ian, Lynne and Euan met us for a celebratory meal. We chose a little Italian bistro and sat outside in the lovely Grassmarket area.

Euan is very mobile now and was keen to explore the pedestrianised area.

This tree just had to be visited for a game of peek-a-boo

There's just no stopping him now!

Using your tongue as a musical instrument can be so much fun..........

.............if a little dribbly.

We went for a wander

Striking a pose outside a tartan shop

More fantastic architecture

Looking down the Royal Mile

Back at the flat, footsore but happy, after a wonderful day.

NB. Adam only lives in a part of this house but I had to include it because it is such an improvement on his student accommodation of the last few years! And it has parking!

I can't do a graduation post without including Ian. Since I wasn't blogging when he got his degree in Sports and Fitness from Abertay University, he didn't get his moment in the spotlight. We are very proud of him too.

Ian Gray Bsc

Our sons have turned out not bad.


The Gray Family said...

Great photos, Well Done Adam. As for parking though - he can't drive (he should rent out the space!)
One other note - who replaced my baby with a very grown up looking toddler. x

jabblog said...

Ahhhh . . . what a lovely set of photographs. Congratulations to Adam (are kilts de rigeur for the chaps for the graduation ceremony?)
As for Euan - he's going to be a real heart-breaker . . .

Gennasus said...

Kilts or suits as far as Edinburgh was concerned, not sure about other places.

Owner of Storm and Jackal said...

Lol, not bad. ;) Congrats!

Pyatshaw said...

Well done Adam,M.Phys!
I must have taken those buildings for granted when we lived in Edinburgh. They do look grand.

Jo said...

Congratulations Adam! I love the kilt and your little Euan is cute as a button. Thanks for the wonderful tour of your beautiful city. (((Hugs)))

karensbrae said...

Well done Adam. Where is your picture Sue?

Samantha ~ Holly and Zac ~ said...

Congrats to both of your sons.

It looks like it was a great and proud day for you and your husband.

Euan is such a little cutie! :-)

Thomgib said...

Who replaced my two little boys with men any father would be proud of?

Julia said...

Wow, cute grandson, amazing architecture, and cool kilt! I had no idea that kilts were worn as part of the graduation outfit. ..It makes sense though. People here wear ie faitagas (like a formal lava lava) to formal events.

david mcmahon said...

Congratulations all round. You have several beautiful images on your blog. I've enjoyed scrolling through ....

The Gray Family said...

Kilts are traditionally worn at all the Scottish Universities for graduations - well certainly by Scottish men.

Linda said...

I love the highland dress picture and he is much more an ad than that mannikin.

I also love the photo with his new title underneath. My son's graduation in B. Comm is at the start of August. His place place of graduation Parliament House Canberra. Years of study, 3 1/2.

I hope my day goes as well as yours.

I am very happy for you and your son, congratulations.

Linda said...

Oh, and I wish my son was graduating in a kit!

Linda said...

Your happiness just shines out of these photos - what a lovely sequence (and weren't you lucky with the weather). Such a handsome chap in the kilt - handsome and frighteningly brainy!
I work with the chap who did the graduation cap routine - I know he enjoyed the day tremendously as well.

You seem to have had amazing stamina for all your sightseeing after the ceremony. Your son looks so proud striding through Edinburgh in his kilt. I'm sure he attracted lots of interested glances from tourists.

Here we're waiting for Advanced Higher results next month. I don't mind admitting I'm nervous.

Gayle said...

I am quite impressed by your sons achievements. I absolutely love the graduation attire. There is so much more ceremony involved...I guess it would be history as well...then in our country. What beautiful buildings (I agree, the modern signs have no business there. They could make signs to fit the buildings). I can see Scotland is on my list to visit someday.

Kirigalpoththa said...

Congrats to Adam!

Dughallmor Beagles said... very favourite place :o) lovely photos and what a beautiful hall.
Proud parents and quite rightly so....well done Adam! (and not forgetting Ian of course) Little Euan is so sweet, lovely snaps for the family album.
Love N xx

Dot O said...

Oh, thanks for sharing every single one of these wonderful photos. You have so much to be proud of and so do your boys - I hope they both realize what they have accomplished and to stay on course in this day and age is absolutely something to be proud of.

The architecture of those buildings is gorgeous!

Congrats to the mom and to the new grad!

Buck said...

What a glorious sequence of photographs. Congratulations, Adam!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Adam! It's good to see the Burgh is just as I left it-roadworks and all :) I've only been in the McEwan hall once for a ceilidh and so have never really noticed the architecture! I'm currently on hol in Dorset - haven't been doing much photography and the wi-fi is expensive :(

Checkers said...

THANK YOU FOR SHARING.....that was delightful - the pictures are wonderful - We want to go to Scotland!!!!! Congrats to Adam! And the little one is adorable!!!!

Notails said...

Congratulations to Adam you both must be very proud, cant think where these boys got there talents from?