Sunday, 25 January 2009

Rosa wins her class
Best Veteran in Show
Ian, Lynne and Euan were up visiting for the weekend and we had a nice walk today, followed by the obligatory farm shop lunch (mmmmm.....carrot cake) and some fun in the play area for Euan. Jana had a great time racing with Jura and Ky.
Jura was very interested in this icy puddle

Jura running.........

.........then slamming on the brakes. Click on the photo to see just how she is using her back legs.

Is this an agility obstacle Mum?

Ian, Euan and Lynne

The swing - Euan's favourite.


The paps went out all together later in the day.

The race for the ball

Throw it!

Best Veteran yesterday, back to leader of the pack today

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Amber said...

LOVE that last picture! Congrats on all the very exciting!