Friday, 27 November 2009

Long time no blog

Where has the time gone? I can't believe that it's been almost a month since I last posted anything. I think my beach series left me all "blogged out", I've hardly even looked at my computer. At least LSH has seen more of me than just the back of my head in front of a screen for hours on end...we may have been married for years and years but he does still seem to want to spend some time in my company...hard to believe, I know, and I'm lucky to have him. He really does deserve a medal.

Time for a bit of a catch up. Ian, Lynne and Euan came up for a visit earlier in the month. We went out for a celebratory lunch as it was Ian's birthday on the 5th and he has also just started a new job - his dream job - instructing parties of youngsters in outdoor pursuits. Imagine getting paid to go rock-climbing, kayaking and hill-walking!

Birthday lunch

Euan was amused

Doing the actions for the Singing Kettle
(Euan has been to one of the stage shows and is now a big fan. The songs and actions are enjoyed by adults as well as children. I was quite taken with Little Bunny Fou Fou)

A late afternoon walk along the coast path

Jura stepping over some interesting rocks

The sea had a lovely, silvery sheen

Jana and Euan watch the world go by

We had some beautiful weather while they were here, really quite mild for the time of year. Roseisle beach was looking at its best.

Burghead promontory and the peak of Morven across the Firth

Euan travels in style

A funny moment during a game of "touch the nose"

Jana did a few water retrieves...but not too deep!

Jura went in much deeper...

... only to be mugged when she came out

Kyloh also ventured deeper...

... jumping the waves as he went

A lot of effort goes into a shake!

It may look like a black blob but it's actually a passing seal

Kye tries his hardest to bury Lynne

Ever the agility dog, Jura finds a "table" on the beach...

... and an unusual obstacle in the woods

A table for two

A trip to the farm shop and Euan's now big enough to enjoy the trampoline

And he's on to the bigger vehicles too

Steering the pirate ship

One advantage of having a birthday on November 5th, as Ian does, is that it is marked by nationwide bonfires and fireworks. Of course, we really have Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot to thank for all the lovely birthday displays we've enjoyed over the years. As usual, our local town of Elgin put on a great show.

Across the boating lake, the bonfire really gets going

The lake made for some lovely reflections

Although the display was great, I know fireworks are pretty scary for many dogs (Jura being one of them) but at least with an organised event you know when and where to expect them. I think the ones that are sold over the counter to the general public are much harder to deal with, they can go off at any time and sometimes for a fortnight either side of the event. I've included a video of the whizz bangs but don't play it if you have a sound-sensitive dog.

Another day of clear, calm weather and we took a trip to Millbuies. There wasn't a breath of wind and the loch was like glass, which made for some amazing reflections of the trees and their last show of autumn colour.

Jura found another "table"

Back soon with a lumpy Jana and some puppy news.


Brownie said...

what great photos! glad to see you're back!

Jo said...

Oh Gennasus;) what a lovely post with breathtaking photos and interesting actions and interactions between the anilmals and humans. I cannot think what to tell you was the best. The photos are STUNNING. The sea, the loch and reflections, the dogs, your precious family. I'm pleased you're back!

Gail said...

I can see why you have not been here. These are such amazing shots of fun, family, and scenery.

Thanks for letting us see the beauty around you.

Also an amazing collection of dogs.

Kess And Her Mama said...

It's a lovely post to come back with after a long absence. My fav is the picture of Jana and Euan watching the world go by!

jabblog said...

Glad to see you back. What a lovely set of photographs and congratulations to your son on his new job.

Pyatshaw said...

Fabulous reflections!

Gayle said...

You have such a beautiful family. I love the way you get out and see the country. I wish I was so adventurous. You photos are amazing...I wish I had that ability. I'd love to have such clear and emotion filled shots of my kids and dogs.

Stuart said...

Yes, a long time indeed. I thought my newsreader might have had a bug in it, or that perhaps dog fur was clogging up the gears.

Great pics as always.

Thomgib said...

For details of where to send medal please apply to me. Address will be supplied.


Sunny said...

So nice to see you back.
All of your pictures are wonderful, I loved the fireworks video too.
Euan is so cute and the picture of him looking out the window with Jana is priceless.
The doggie action shots are really excellent...I could go on and on!
Sunny :)

Thomgib said...

Excellent Post Wife XX

Sierra Rose said...

So glad to hear from you! Fantastic photos! Absolutely loved Jana and Euan looking out the window together.
What a nice celebration!!! My mom also does the rock climbing part with kids sometimes. Fun stuff she says!

Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
Sierra Rose

Dot O said...

You more than made up for your absence with these photos. They are all stunning. Euan is so sweet - I want to pinch that cute little face. Looks like a great time was truly had by all. Good luck on the new job. Sounds like fun for him.

Take care.

Jennifer Wilbur said...

Great to have you back! All the smiles and silliness looks like it was worth it. :)

Suldog said...

Some lovely photos, but you know what really stands out? You have some truly wonderful smiles in your family! You're blessed, for sure.

Martha and Bailey said...

Oh dear, my comment just disappeared! Don't you just hate blogger sometimes!!!
I was letting you off with the lack of posts because you had some stunning pics!
Both human, canine and scenery! I adore 'reflections' and you had some great pics with lovely clear reflections.
I thought Euan was a delight - haven't met him before and he is very huggable.
Congrats to Ian both on the birthday and the job.
Actually I did once get paid to work with young people and do outdoor pursuits!
It was an alternative to care project and it had it's moments!
Certainly it was a role reversal for me as the young people encouraged me to do things I would never have done before!!!!!
It was certainly a unique experience although I was not an instructor - there will be lots of challenges ahead I am sure.
Still Ian looked to me like a man who would be up to the challenge.
Glad you have a husband who still wants to spend time with you - I do too, have never understood why but it is a blessing!

Demi Lu said...

What beautiful pictures! That beautiful place to live with your lovely dogs, congratulations on the blog!


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