Thursday, 7 May 2009

Mission Impossible, Desmond's comeback and sunny Roseisle

Jana is in season at the moment and is quite delighted to suddenly find herself so popular with our boys, normally they want nothing to do with her! Her first season passed with virtually no interest from Louis and Desmond so I assumed that they were sensible enough to realise that she was way out of their league (and reach) and that there was simply no point in giving her the eye (or anything else for that matter).

It appears that this season things have changed. Maybe the last one was just a practice run and, now that she is slightly more mature, it's time for the real thing. All I know is that Louis is quite certain that this union is possible and is more than willing to give his all. Seeing as I'm not about to go down the 'designer dog' route (what would those pups look like?!), Jana will be kept out of the boys' way.

The photos below show that Louis thinks this mission is definitely NOT impossible!

"What do you mean, she's too big?!"

"I'm willing to try!"

We were at a show at the weekend, the first one in ages. It was a toy group open show so only the paps were entered and it was Desmond's first since he broke his leg. He is totally sound on it now and you would never think that there had been a problem.

Pansy was third in her class and Rosa took second in hers, being beaten by a lovely little bitch who went on to best of breed. Desmond was in sparkling form, helped by the fact that he was keen to impress some of the ladies in the ring with him, and he won his class! I almost forgot that I'd entered him in a second class and nearly missed it. I rushed in at the last minute, expecting Des to be beaten by some of the more mature dogs there but no, he won that class too!
He was in the running for best dog after that but his interest had waned by then and he looked decidedly fed up, it might have helped if there had been a nice female pap next to him but it was all dogs.

It was great to see him so perky, I hope he's the same for our next show at the end of the month. We just need a shortish class and lots of female company to keep up his interest.

The prize winners

Below are some photos from our recent Roseisle walk with Jenny, Ria and a bunch of dogs. It was windy but nice and sunny and there was loads of space because the tide was right out.

Jana enjoyed running through the water after the shepherds but, unlike them, she didn't venture deeper than chest level.

Almost the whole beach to ourselves!

Brint, Sadie and Keira waiting for the stick.

Brint has a good shake. (Click to enlarge and see the interesting water effect)

We walked back through the forest and Pansy finds some logs to pose on........ does Jasper (Poser Pug).

Keira looks very pleased with her find.

Jana scales the heights.


Checkers said...

your photos are always so lovely. the little guy looks like he might be determined. What a nice spot you have to walk in & how nice the dogs can be off leash

Mad, Mad, Mad? said...

Great pic`s Sue! A mission can never be impossible no matter what size? Weldone at the show!

Kess And Her Mama said...

Congratulations on the great performance at the show! Looks like the little stud's going for mission impossible. Great pics (as always)

jabblog said...

Had to smile at the expression on Jana's face in the practice mating - not resignation, more patient and hoping he'll either get on with it or stop!

karensbrae said...

That would be an interesting mating! Well done at the show. Are you going to SKC?

Jo said...

Louis sure is determined! Your photos on the beach are excellent. I checked the water droplets effect: WOW! The second one the dog's tooth is showing and he has such a serious expression trying to shake himself dry. Well done on the show results. Oh your paps are beautiful.

Esther Garvi said...

It seems to be the season! Sheba is on heat as well, and because her boyfriend Whiskey (the Azawakh) is lose and impossible to keep away from her, and because I under no circumstances want puppies with our Dennis Mugu, whom Sheba has flirted relentlessly with, she is now staying at the office. Her sisters in Sweden are also on heat, going on their twentieth day, so I don't expect Sheba to be walking freely on the streets again for another week or two... Jana looks very uninterested in Louis though. Sheba adores the attention and thinks its superfun that the guys finally want to wrestle!! And when they finally get their position right, she doesn't seem to object to that either (causing me and Anette to launch over Whiskey a few days ago, who seemed to only need a minute...) :-)

Thomgib said...


Amber and Nala said...

Oh poor embarrassing that your Mom posted pictures of you being violated. ;) My Mom would probably do the same. ;)

Looks like a great time at the beach with the GSD' shaking pictures. :)


Kimberly said...


BCxFour said...

Great shots & congrats on the awards!

Diego Dog said...

All wonderful photos! You guys sure have lots of adventures!

Diego Dog

Jenny said...

Weel Done! The Persil Brigade!
on your wins and especially to Des on his comeback! Ace photos of Roseile.

GoldenSamantha said...

Congrats on the prizes! And beautiful pictures! I love the one of Jana on top of the wood pile! Sorry I've been mia for so long - life has handed me much work for which I'm grateful but leaves me less time to blog sniff!
Hugs from me, Sammie, xo!

Pyatshaw said...

I think this post should be read after the watershed!

Honey the Great Dane said...

(from Hsin-Yi, Honey's owner)
Congratulations on all your show wins!! The papillons always look so gorgeous - I'm not surprised they took away most of the ribbons - especially Des! :-)

LOVE the photos on the beach - the dogs all looked like they were having such fun and the pictures are so clear!! How do you get such good action shots?? Love all the ones of them posing on various things too - such good posers!

Hsin-Yi (& Honey the Great Dane)

Honey the Great Dane said...

Oh - forgot to say - thanks so much for your email about Paw It Forward...we're really excited now and can't wait to get the package!!! Will let you know as soon as we receive it!


Totally Timmy said... your pics..the water shaking one is awesome. My pap tried to breed my big terrier..she was sent to be spayed immediately after she came out of heat. She even laid down so he could reach her better..what a tart she was!

Kutuharju said...

This was great fun to read, thank you. I think Poser Pug was my favourite, I have always liked pugs. Maybe I look like one myself, but no, I've have been compared to a poodle, which is a terror! ;) Desmond is such a charmer - no wonder Jana doesn't mind his attempts..
Congratulations! It doesn't surprise me at all that he won it all :)

Gayle said...

I look at your photos and read your words and just say "wow"! Not only are your photographs outstanding and your dogs beautiful, but everyone is so well-trained. I love each and every one of our dogs, but I must sadly admit they are poorly trained. The lab is out-of-control. I would love to give them to you for a few months to work things out! I really enjoy your blog.

RockstarJen said...

Go Louis! The Shepherd water shots are very cool. Hope Jana isn't as cranky in season as Tempest was before we had her fixed!

Hilary said...

Fab photos. I'm jealous of that beach - we could have joined you! Let us know next time ;) Brighton to Scotland . . . well we did drive it, but not in an afternoon!

The mounting pics are so funny. And the Paps look very proud with their rosettes.

Great post.

Claire said...

oh my gosh, those first few photos are hilarious!!!

chrome3d said...

Your captions made me crack quite often!

Bj said...

Hello! Your dogs are gorgeous! What a fun time with a fun crew! I have a Papillon. Yours are so lovely. No wonder they win ribbons. The German Shephard dogs are so beautiful. Thanks for sharing and bringing a smile to me!
White House, TN - USA