Friday, 3 April 2009

Skywatch Friday, a birthday, big hair and the beach

Last night's sunset taken from the harbour.
This is my contribution to this week's Skywatch Friday. To see more skies from around the world go here.


Now for a mix of photos from this week

MY ball!

Jana wonders if I saw the squirrel too

Still looking for that squirrel

Guess who has the ball?!

Adam came home from uni on Tuesday, just in time for my birthday! It was my best present, even if it was just a short stay.
Note the big hair, it hadn't been cut since last September, I think. My clippers had to psyche themselves up before taking on those curls but they got through it, albeit with a few coughs and splutters! The new look Adam appears later.

Jana pretending to be a real gundog

Anything you can do.........

I can do too!

We've had some beautiful weather this week, this was taken at Brodie Castle where we took my mum for a summery stroll in the grounds.
Some of the bird life on the lake there

It was another gorgeous day today and we went to Findhorn. In the background is Burghead Bay and Roseisle Forest.

Adam competes with Jana again!

Pansy, like the other paps, is not really keen on water but she was prepared to brave it for HER ball. Maybe we'll get her swimming?!

The mouth of Findhorn Bay


Naturegirl said...

This was an absolutely FUN and Joyful post! This is what I am referring to in my post today!!
Love your "pappions" little buterfly ears!! OK I love the floppy ears too of the big guy!Wonderful photos all of them!
smiles NG.. from Canada vacationing in Arizona.

KB said...

Your Skywatch pic is beautiful and your dogs are adorable.

J Bar said...

Beautiful sunset shot.

Sydney City and Suburbs

NESSA the hovawart said...


I just love your pics...does big brother plays with you a lot?


karensbrae said...

Remind me too stay away from your clippers. Great pictures!!

Amber and Nala said...

GREAT photos as usual Sue! That is a drastic difference from big hair Adam to very short hair Adam. :) Nala enjoyed some log jumping time too! :) Have a super weekend!

Amber & Nala

Chris said...

Great jumping lane. You've got some good shots of Jana's mobile ears again too and the sunset is amazing. I love Teasel and Louis on the stump, my favourite I think.

Guy D said...

All are fantastic captures, thanks for sharing these.

Regina In Pictures

Stuart said...

What did you do with the hair? Fill a mattress?